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The Simon/Satan Says Game

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How many of us like being told what to do? Yet every time we listen to the adversary, in essence we're following his commands.


Here the rules to the game "Simon Says/Satan Says" to get started. This is just like the normal "Simon Says" game, with a twist for the second round.

1. Prior to class, prepare at least 9 cards to flash commands at the kids as you call out "Simon says..." (the cards contain phrases like 'Clap your hands', etc.)

2. Continue to call out "Simon says..." as you show the cards, ending with the final one, which you suddenly drop off "Simon Says." In typical "Simon Says" fashion, some of the kids will have been snagged and will still unthinkingly follow the command.

3. Tell the kids you're going to play again, this time even faster to see who is left standing and you'll be mixing up the order of the printed commands.

4. Only, instead of saying "Simon says", use the phrase "Satan Says..."

They'll soon get what has happened and most will stop obeying. You'll see varying emotions in their faces.


Have them all sit down to talk about what just happened. How does it feel to find out you're being controlled by your enemy? Let them process this for a moment as a perfect lead into what and where Corianton found himself, after having destroyed his mission service (at least for a time being) by being led into temptation.

The adversary hates those who follow the Lord. It is important the students understand just how willing Lucifer is to trick them.


Seminary Mom made an attachment for this, but instead of making an attachment, I've included the 'commands' she listed:

Cross your legs.
Uncross your legs.
Stand up.
Sit down.
Rub your nose.
Clap three times.
Close your left eye.


Originally from Seminary Mom's website. Archived here so it doesn't get lost.

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