Scripture Reference: 3 Nephi 9

December 31, 2012
Billboard Words

These words say a lot without a lot of letters. And they are meant to draw our attention in a hurry--just like a billboard--and usually there is a message just after them that we were intended to focus on. Look for "Wo"(especially double or triple Wos), "O," "Thus," "And Thus we see," "Behold," "Nevertheless," "Therefore," […]

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March 13, 2011
A Spiritual Feast - Using a multi-day scripture teaching theme

Seminary Mom used lunch sacks to emphasize the importance of the material in 3 Nephi -- truly a spiritual feast. Kids in her class added notecards to their lunch sacks each day during the lesson to add to their feast. It's a great example of how to carry a theme over multiple days for lesson […]

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April 14, 2006

Items needed a pebble for each person in the class After discussion on Repentance, have the students put a small pebble in their shoe and stand up until they feel it's sharpness on their foot. Tell them that sins are like this pebble, even though no one else may know it's there the sin is […]

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