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Seminary Scriptionary

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You already know how to play Scriptionary -- one student draws a picture of a gospel story or item and the other students try to guess it.

But in Seminary Scriptionary, I tell my students that they are going to draw a list of items that have to do with a certain gospel topic, like patriarchal blessings. Then I provide students a list of words, like

- Liahona
- scriptures
- holy ghost
- road signs
- prophet
- eyeglasses
- string tied on finger
- happy face
- frowny face
- missionary
- family tree
- temple/married couple , etc.

Students draw while others guess the item. The person who guessed the correct answer must explain to the class what that item has to do with the lesson topic. For example -- a family tree might represent your future family or lineage as revealed in a patriarchal blessing. Use each drawn item as a starting point for a short explanation of the topic.

I did this activity with members from each of the three zones all drawing at once. It kept the activity from dragging and gave us plenty to talk about in between rounds. It also kept the game from going too long.


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