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Stump the Teacher

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by Salena Thomas

We played Stump the Teacher. I used this with Luke 1 where the kids were mostly familiar with the stories.

So their goal was to ask me questions that I couldn't answer. If they stumped me then they got a small piece of candy. As I answered or didn't answer the questions I was able to elaborate on details and give a little more insight into the story. They couldn't keep out of the scriptures. Then I wrapped up with the principle I wanted them to take from it.

I had them use their scriptures to find questions. Sometimes they didn't ask a correct question because they only read the one verse. So I had to ask for clarification which meant they had to go back and read more to get the right question. It was great. I did not use the scriptures to answer the questions. I loved it when they stumped me because they would give me the correct answer. - They learned it themselves. And then I was able to elaborate as we went. For example, I knew they'd probably ask about the course of Zacharias. So I on purpose did not try to remember the correct course but I got all the background info on what a course was. So they stumped me and I was able to give them a lot more information.

Maureen Fepuleai: Our class ended up splitting themselves into boys and girls teams and tried to stump one another lol. Everybody got involved - got quite competitive! The girls team won by a big margin and what made it all the more beautiful, is that all of the students decided to combine their chocolate prizes and divide it into equal shares for everybody so that nobody missed out. It was so heartwarming for me to see them put their learning in action!

November 9, 2018
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