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Temple Work

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Items needed

  • a volunteer
  • rope or a necktie

Before the lesson begins (on genealogy or temple work or redeeming the dead), pull aside one person and ask them to help you out. So that others who are in class can hear tell them you are going to need to tie them up (do so gently) to the chair. Let them know they will be unable to participate in the lesson, but they can listen.

Only when you remove the gag and talk to them may they respond or make any comments. Every once in a while throughout the lesson, ask them if they are okay (after removing the gag). Are you in pain? Just be sure they are okay.

Finally you can remove the gag and untie them. Ask them how it felt to hear the message but be bound.

Discuss the fact that our ancestors are waiting for us to do their work. They can't participate in the gospel until we have done the work. But many of them are listening and waiting for us to help them.

** This idea might be adjusted to fit a missionary work lesson, too. -Jenny **

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