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The Holy Ghost helps us see clearly

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Items needed

  • a student or another person who can not read without glasses, and
  • a pair of his or her prescription glasses
  • a label that reads "holy ghost"
  • tape

Before glass begins, tape the label "holy ghost" to the eyeglasses.

Ask the person to try and read a section of scripture without his or her glasses.  Why is it difficult?

Then ask the person to read the scriptures with her Holy Ghost Goggles on.  It's easier! 

How is reading with eye glasses on like feeling the Holy Ghost?  Ah, it's clear! 

How can our scripture study be enhanced by reading with the spirit influencing us?  How do we receive that power? (by being baptized, pray to hear and understand the holy ghost when we read)   

How does reading with eyeglasses on help you understand how to recognize the holy ghost when it's prompting you?  What does the Holy Ghost feel like?

November 27, 2018
Scripture Reference:
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