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Together we cannot fold

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Items needed

  • Several dozen paper cups
  • a board

The best way to describe is just to describe how I used it in Relief Society. I put a cup to represent the RS president under the board and then stood on it (I represented the demands of serving in Relief Society). Of course I crushed it!

Then did the same thing with 4 cups to represent the presidency. Again, CRUSH!

But then I put a cup to represent each member of the RS board under the board, then stood on the board and the cups supported my weight.

(I've done this in Seminary before, but I used a student to stand on the cups, small bathroom paper cups, and a cookie sheet for them to stand on because I didn't have a board.  My students were astounded that the cups would hold up a student's weight!  This is a great object lesson if the majority of the group hasn't already seen it, so it's probably best for youth and children. - Jenny)

February 3, 2005
Scripture Reference:
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