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Topic Scramble

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Write the main topic of a scripture passage or quote on a piece of paper. Cut each letter out. Let students look at the scripture passage or quote while they race to unscramble the word. This can be done for each individual in the classroom, or it can be done in groups, or even on the chalkboard.

EXAMPLE: I recently used this technique in my seminary class to teach Luke 14. Before class I took four envelopes and some construction paper. I wrote a "clue" on the outside of each envelope and put the mixed up letters from a word or phrase in the respective envelope:

CLUE: Luke 14:1-6 (two words) SCRAMBLE: Sabbath Day
CLUE: Luke 14:7-14 (one word), SCRAMBLE: Humility
CLUE: Luke 14:15-24 (two words), SCRAMBLE: Great Supper
CLUE: Luke 14:25-35 (one word), SCRAMBLE: Discipleship

It only took each zone a few minutes to unscramble the words.

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