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Touched by the Spirit

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At what point in the scripture block did the Spirit touch you and whisper to you that something you read was true? Maybe a particular part was something with which you have already had experience. Bear testimony of it during class, and invite students to do the same.

Look For: Be aware of your feelings as you read. What verses touch you? Look for phrases that speak to you.

Example: There are a lot of great verses in the New Testament, not to mention the specific book of James. But look how Joseph Smith reacted when he read James 1:5. (JSH 1:12-13). WOW! The Spirit really hit him with that one verse. What verse or phrases really "hit" you when you read? Does anything stand out to you, even though it's just a seemingly normal scripture (but really the Spirit knows it's for you)? Once before my mission, a few days before I entered the MTC, I had been set apart but had not entered the MTC yet. I was studying my scriptures one morning and a passage struck me with such force. I was wondering if I was truly worthy to be a missionary and represent Jesus Christ. And a verse in Alma 22 verse 15. I felt just like the king and wanted every wicked part "rooted out of my breast" and I too was willing to "give up all that I possess" to serve him. There spirit testified to me and I knew the scriptures were truly the Lord's word. When have the scriptures touched you? Can you become more aware of when the Spirit of God touches your heart and speaks with you through the words of scripture?

(Adapted from Panning for Gold: Various Methods to Understand and Apply the Scriptures to Ourselves by Eric Bacon, Northwest Area Seminaries)

Great for: Helping students find meaning in the scriptures, Eliciting thoughtful responses, Lesson preparation

Class size: Any class size

Helps Students: SEARCH the scriptures or text

Prep Time:

Student Age: Any age

Equipment needed:

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