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What's This Tool

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by Judi Kelly

To go along with the principle: If we faithfully try to fulfill the roles the Lord has for us, He can do great things in our lives.

What's This Tool?"

Give each student in the class a different tool (car tools, home improvement tools, cooking tools, etc.). Tell each student that they have one minute to come up with as many uses for the tool as they can possibly think of and to also figure out the tools original purpose and function.

Application: God has placed us here on earth for a purpose. Many people don’t know what the purpose of their lives are, what they are supposed to be doing. How do you find out what the purpose of the tool is? You read the owners manual or instruction book. What are the instruction books for the children of God? The scriptures and words of the prophets.

This activity can also be used to teach about being an effective instrument in the hands of the Lord. The Lord has placed within all of us talents, abilities, and gifts that he would like us to develop to use for a variety of reasons and purposed in his kingdom (some of them we don’t know about, just like the tools we were given)."

November 9, 2018
Scripture Reference:
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