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Ask a Friend

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The purpose of this activity is to help students learn that they have the skills and tools to answer other's questions. They also learn they can turn their friends for help with gospel questions.

After giving students something to read together, ask every one to write down a question about the passage. Instruct students that the question should be a question that was triggered by reading the passage. They should ask something they wondered about as they read or something they were confused by while reading. Students write their questions on a slip of paper. Put a question of your own in the hat, too.

Collect the questions in a hat or bowl. Each student and the teacher draws a question. Answer the teacher's question as a group, so you can help students learn to use the study helps to find answers. If your students are young or if the questions might need some editorial review 🙂 collect all the questions and look through them yourself. Working as a group, answer each question. This could take several class periods.

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