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Group Drawing

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My students love group drawing. It's good for covering material that is easy to imagine visually. I have also used it to cover distressing topics -- like the events preceding the second coming -- because these events seem less frightening when sketched for some reason.

I have done group drawing a couple of ways. One is to divide the class into small groups and have the whole group drawing at once. The other is to have students read a verse or two and then come up one at a time to draw their picture while the next person reads their verse aloud. It will take you a little time during your lesson preparation to determine what to draw and how to split up your groups.

I used the group drawing when we covered Pharaoh's dreams of the fat/lean corn, fat/lean kine, and the baker's dream. Three groups all took one of the dreams and drew what they could remember on the board.

I used the group drawing one person at a time when we covered Joel 2 and D&C 45. Students read a passage of scripture aloud and then went to the board to draw a picture of that sign of the second coming. They could draw for as long as the next person was reading or discussing their passage.

Both activities turned out great -- the group drawing was a fun way to have students retell stories they knew, and the individual drawings of the scary topic helped students learn signs but kept everyone from being afraid. These pictures always end up on Facebook, and the students love to explain what they're about to their friends.

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