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Armor of God mini lesson with video and attention getter

I started with the object lesson with the salt and pepper, it was a great attention getter:

Attention activity

Display the salt and pepper shakers. Pour some salt into your hand, and show it to the class. Explain that in your hand you hold pure salt. It is pure because there is nothing in it besides good, clean salt.

Shake some pepper into the salt in your hand. Explain that the salt is no longer pure because it is no longer free of things other than salt. When people allow wrong or unkind thoughts in their minds or do wrong or unkind things, they are no longer pure. They are like a mixture of salt and pepper. Emphasize that pure people try at all times to think good thoughts and do righteous acts.

We talked about Mormon and his life.

And then we got into the armor of God. We listed what parts of the armor were and how and what they protected. I asked them why knights wore armor and if they thought it was comfortable.

I wish I would have brought a shield from the dollar store and made some arrows so that they could see how the shield works to deflect Satan's fiery darts. We talked about what some of those fiery darts could be.

I also showed them parts of the Armor of God video from the church. I would stop and move ahead to just the parts where the warriors are in the woods and skipped the kids at school and at the party. I thought this was a little old for my class. They loved watching to see what happened to the warriors and to those that chose to take off their armor. You can find the video HERE.

While we were watching this video I had them color these pictures and cut out the armor.

Jenny says:  "I couldn't find the original Armor of God video, but this one is a good alternative:"

Post Date: October 4, 2015
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Author: Tiffany

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