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Motivating Words

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Instruct students to look for and circle/highlight words that are especially motivating, inspiring, comforting, thought-provoking, etc.

SAY "As you read, be aware of words and phrases that really stand out to you. They may seem powerful, motivating, comforting, though-provoking, etc."

Example: Hebrews 7:25 One night while reading Hebrews I came upon this verse and one word really stuck out to me and caused me to ponder its significance for the verse. The verse says that Christ is able to save to the "uttermost." It was this word that I focused on. What does it mean that Christ saves to the "uttermost"? It gives me hope that Christ can not only change the big things in my life, but also even the tiniest of bad habits or most enduring weakness that seems impossible for me to get rid of. It also means that Christ will be with us not just everyday, but every hour, even every second. He can save us to the "uttermost"

(Adapted from Panning for Gold: Various Methods to Understand and Apply the Scriptures to Ourselves by Eric Bacon, Northwest Area Seminaries)

Great for: Helping students find meaning in the scriptures

Class size: Any class size

Helps Students: SEARCH the scriptures or text

Prep Time:

Student Age: Any age

Equipment needed:

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