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Give students a few minutes to review a passage that is fairly familiar to them. Have them write down something that was "new" at this reading. They may have remembered a detail they forgot or noticed something new. They may have a new understanding of what certain words or phrases mean. The verses may have triggered a new question. If they can't find something new, I let them share something that was interesting or important to them.

I always do this activity as a timed activity. I set the timer for a few minutes (usually two or three) and let students hunt for something new. They write down their item so I can tell when everyone is finished.

You may want to point out that each time we read scriptures, we are coming from a different stage in our lives which can make even familiar stories "new" to us again.

This is a good way to begin a gospel discussion on a longer passage of scripture. The discussion will trigger lots of questions and answers.

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