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Time Line Ordering

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If you've got a lot of material to cover in a short amount of time, you can cover the material more efficiently when you know what students already know about the topic.  One way to quickly assess student understanding of series of events is to give them strips of paper with the main events summarized as a list.  Have the class work in groups and race to sort the events as quickly as possible.

After the first group has the list completed, have them come to the front of the class and, using their timeline, share the story with the class.  You can add in any extra information or ask questions as they go along. Slower sorters can put thier strips in order as the faster sorters share the story. 

I would stand at the back of the classroom for this activity so that other students direct questions to the fastest sorters first, before asking me.

Great for: Covering a lot of material, Determining student level of understanding, Encouraging student participation, Getting the attention of uninterested students, Reviewing a scripture story, When you're running out of time

Class size: Any class size

Helps Students: SEARCH the scriptures or text, SHARE feelings, thoughts, or personal experiences

Prep Time: 10-20 minutes

Student Age: Any age

Equipment needed: timeline listed on paper strips

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