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Doctrinal Mastery Escape Room ideas

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Following is a list of escape room game ideas from the Seminary Teacher Facebook Group:

Jessi's Escape Room

Our stake (3 seminary classes) combined this morning to do this activity so now its time for results feedback for those interested in knowing how it went. We had about 40 kids so we had 4 rooms running at once. By time we got done with opening exercises the kids had 25 mins to "escape the room". One group finished in about 15 mins but another group worked right til the very end with help from the host. All of the groups started with the puzzle so I suggest hiding the pieces to that really well or putting the pieces with the cellphone clue on the back (Jame 1:5) in the boxes. That way even if they start with the puzzles they have to solve the other puzzles and open the boxes before they can finish it and access the phone. One girl (who has actually studied and memorized the DM) was able to make the leap to the scripture (2 Timothy 3:15) within 5 mins!!! Her and her group continued to figure out the puzzles though. Also the cell phone code from the footnote held some groups up a bit as they were trying to include the symbols (& and : ) into the phone password. One other note - make sure the hosts are giving leading clues if the kids need help and not giving obvious clues. For instance. "There is a pattern to the pictures that will help you figure out the combinations" as opposed to "Put the pictures in the order they occurred in the NT." Overall I feel it went pretty well.

Hillary's Escape Room

I've made a virtual escape room for my class's live seminary class this Thursday (I'm an online seminary teacher, so it's business as usual for our class). It's over #mosiah19 and #mosiah20, in case it is helpful for anyone else too. Students have to work together to answer the questions to determine the clues to move through the game (they are a Nephite trying to follow Alma).

Update: I had to edit a glitch in one of the tasks, so that changed the code for Task 5. It is now as follows: pcwsaf. I've updated the PDF to match.For those who are looking for the answer key to the Book of Mormon Virtual Escape Room (#mosiah19 and #mosiah20), I've attached it to this post. It wouldn't let me add it in a comment to the original post, so sorry about that!I hope this helps, and let me know if anyone runs into any difficulties with it! I'm going to be using it for the first time with my class on Thursday, so I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes. 🙂

We did this today. I emailed the escape room link to 3 students before class. I put the class into 3 break out rooms and then the students shared their screens and they could advance at their own speed and they typed things in. Just make sure you fix the settings to allow a non-host to share screen. We had 4 students to a room and it worked great. Everyone participated. When you are in a meeting. On the bottom bar, click the little arrow next to ‘share screen’ . Click ‘advanced sharing options’. Where it says ‘who can share?’ Click the button that says ‘all participants’. It is easiest if the students in charge have a computer, but I had one with an iPad and it worked fine. (If they use an iPad, they need to cut and paste the url to share content.). Everyone else in the room is fine on a phone.

In order to make a copy of this escape room so you can edit it yourself, go to This google form

Hillary made a help video that is hosted on FB.

Hi, everyone! As some of you may have seen, there has been a lot of interest in the #bookofmormonvirtualescaperoom, and I'm so glad people have enjoyed it. I recently created a new one for my #onlineseminary class. We are getting close to the end of our semester, so it probably will be our last one. It goes over #alma5, specifically the last half. I've included a PDF with the script, answer key, and resources. This one is a bit harder than the original, with more puzzles to solve. I'm estimating it will take around 30 minutes, give or take, based on the few people who have gone through it already. Here is the direct link for the Alma 5 Book of Mormon Virtual Escape Room for anyone who would like to use it: https://forms.gle/FzRLy2jzBvm5fL3a8

Update: I thought the words for the crosswords were included in this answer key, but apparently I neglected that. Sorry! I can't change the PDF without making a new post, which I want to avoid, but here are the words for each crossword (no particular order):

Task 1 Crossword: good, God, evil, hearkeneth, follow, shepherd, works, child, voice

Task 4 Crossword: pride, persecution, trample, riches, wickedness, persist, costly, apparel, poor

2nd Update: Some teachers have reported that the jigsaw puzzle for Task 3 gives an error saying the puzzle has been played too many times. If this occurs, you can make your own puzzle using the Puzzel maker link in the PDF. I've included the image in the comments that I made so you can download and use it, but feel free to use your own if you prefer. It is just an image of Alma 5:47-48 in fancy font.

For the posts relating to the escape room, go to

Michelle's Scavenger Hunt

This game takes most of class time.

Answers to Michelle's scavenger hunt for New Testament:

Download the instructions here:

Link to the online form to play the game:

Online Game Form

Jennifer's Escape Room

We did a "Delivery in the Wilderness" Breakout/Escape Room experience today. The students used clues and scriptures from 1 Nephi 1-22 to help them solve the puzzle. I've attached the materials below. The first page has the flow chart and solutions. The game finishes with President Nelsons call to the youth battalion and gathering Isreal. We had a lot of fun!

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