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This fantastic game ideas was shared by Ricki M on the LDS Seminary Teachers Facebook Group:

I had an idea for this game and it was a hit in Seminary this morning. Such a hit that I  am writing it down so I can use it and share with others. This would work great when you are covering a piece of doctrine or a gospel principle where you want to have your students really involved in finding their own answers and also asking questions. We used it with 2 Nephi 29; where we learn about the importance of having the Bible and the Book of Mormon.  Give students a block of scripture from one chapter or a list of Scriptures that compliment each other that they can to choose from to study on similar topic. Encourage them to cross reference etc when they find something that sticks out to them. Give each student 2 pieces of paper. I labeled them “Something I Learned...” and “A Question I Have...” On one they write something they learned from their study, on the other they write a question they had about what they read, or a question they think an investigator of the church might ask about those verses. Collect all the “A question I have” papers and put them in a basket. Randomly choose 2 students to come up, they will now be ʻmissionary companionsʼ. They have 90 seconds to use their scriptures, discuss, ponder, and come up with an answer to the question.  Meanwhile while waiting for the ʻmissionariesʼ to return with their answer I randomly chose students to read aloud what they wrote down as something they learned.  When the missionaries return they give their answer, as a class we vote on whether we felt the question was answered or if it could use a little more research. If we agree it needs more work, those missionaries ʻtagʼ two more missionaries who have an additional 90 seconds to respond. If we agreed that the question was answered sufficiently then they ʻtagʼ two more missionaries and we start with another question. This was so great on so many levels. It got the kids to really search for answers and think of good questions. It got kids that donʼt usually work together to have to discuss and be a team. It also gave them a chance to practice finding answers in the scriptures. It was great fun and I highly recommend it!

Great for: Asking questions, Eliciting thoughtful responses, Encouraging student participation, Giving every person a turn, Helping students find meaning in the scriptures, Learning to share feelings, Mission preparation, Reviewing a scripture story, Teaching students to use study helps

Class size: Any class size

Helps Students: SHARE feelings, thoughts, or personal experiences

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Student Age: Any age

Equipment needed: paper slips of paper with each student's name on it

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