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After seven years operating the Seminary Teachers of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Facebook group, I've seen it all. Too many of us are giving answers about race and priesthood intended to preserve faith that do not convey the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth sohelpmegod. We know lot […]
cup Filling your day
What you need: FULL clear glass of water Lots and lots of paper clips GENTLY and SLOWLY place paper clip by paper clip in the very full glass of water. Have your students watch as the glass gets fuller and fuller but never topples over and spills everywhere. Relate how this can sometimes be like […]
From Jonna C - Print these cards on one side of a sheet of cardstock, so that the answers can't be seen through the back of the cards. SEMINARY SCRAMBLE RULES SET-UP 1- Set up your classroom with enough small tables (classroom tables work great), and 3-4 chairs at each table, to divide your class […]
Brandon C shared his Doctrinal Mastery Case Studies, saying I've been working on some doctrinal mastery resources over Christmas break. My students really enjoy case studies, so I created a case study to go with each of the doctrinal mastery verses we cover this semester. I intentional used a casual tone to make it feel […]
Following is a list of quick Zoom game ideas from the Seminary Teacher Facebook Group: Morning Zoom Poll From Theresa C - I wrote Ten question polls and give a different one each morning sharing the poll at the end and review giving the correct answer - this way there is no shame as no […]
Jeopardy is a fantastic game for seminary! I've used it to review material, train new students how to use the scripture study helps, and review doctrinal mastery. You can make your own games using some of these free online templates: From Laura T - We discovered this morning that the online Jeopardy […]
cyphercode Doctrinal Mastery Escape Room ideas
Following is a list of escape room game ideas from the Seminary Teacher Facebook Group: Jessi's Escape Room Our stake (3 seminary classes) combined this morning to do this activity so now its time for results feedback for those interested in knowing how it went. We had about 40 kids so we had 4 rooms […]
dm battleship2 Doctrinal Mastery Battleship
From Elisa Z. - Hi everyone, I just wanted to share something that went well with my class today. We played Doctrinal Mastery Battleship. It might be hard to share because I created it in Adobe Indesign software. Not everyone has that program and you need to be able to add the hit or miss […]
dm bracket Doctrinal Mastery March Madness Bracket
From Jenny S - DO YOU WANT TO HELP YOUR STUDENTS RETAIN DOCTRINAL MASTERY PASSAGES? If you're looking for ways to help Seminary students retain Doctrinal Mastery passages, you can use brain science plus a little bit of basketball to get better results. It's March Madness Doctrinal Mastery brackets! It's not fluff -- it's science! […]
From Raquel H - There are 18 DM scriptures and 3 bonus questions on a spinning wheel. A question or task will be read aloud by the teacher based on the scripture reference where the spinner lands on. First the ppt slide has to be in full screen [Presentation mode. Click once to begin the […]


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